TEDxFolkestone 2018


I have such wonderful news to share. I am fulfilling one of my all time ambitions by becoming a TEDx speaker!

I’m pleased to announce I have been selected to speak at TEDxFolkestone at their ‘Courage to Step Beyond’ event.

I will be taking to the stage at the Quarterhouse in Folkestone on Saturday 23 June and I am honoured and excited to be part of something so amazing and renowned.

More updates to follow in due course, including how to get tickets to the event if you fancy coming along.

Britt xo

(left to right) Liù Batchelor from TEDxFolkestone joined by some of the 2018 speakers Silas Houghton Budd, Cathy Sugden, ME! Britt Whyatt, Roger Evernden and Soti Coker.

Six Months To Go!


Six months today, on a beach in Barbados, I will be marrying my best friend and love of my life, my darling Tim Box.

I am so excited! The wedding planning so far has been fantastic. We’ve booked the wedding and honeymoon booked through Travel By Lesley at a Sandals resort in Barbados, my shoes, veil as well as fun stuff like the favours. I’ve been really enjoying the creative side of it all.

As we’re getting married abroad, just the two of us, we’ll be having a ‘Wedding After Party’ when we return at the beautiful Westenhanger Castle in Hythe, Kent.

The castle walls were built in around 1400 set in fourteen acres of wonderful Kentish countryside. Two manor houses stood on the site and merged in 1509. The castle was sold to Henry VIII and remained in crown property until 1585. Now privately owned and a popular wedding venue and conference centre. Sarah, who runs all of the events there is fantastic. Making sure all of your needs are met, answering any questions and making you feel at ease about all the organisation!


Now, my attention will turn to a sweet part of planning; the cake!

I will be making my own cake and as of yet I’m still not 100% on design, flavours or even how many tiers! I just know I want it to be fun and to reflect our personality. Our colours are light blue and white and the main theme is, quite aptly, ‘beach wedding’. This shells, sand and lovely shades of blue.

I’ve made quite a few wedding cakes over the years (check below for some of my favourites!) and I’m really excited to be making and decorating this very special one. I’m going to be making a lot of the decorations in advance so I have limited stress when I get back from Barbados! That’s the great thing about sugar decorations, they can be made well ahead of time as long as they are stored correctly. For decorations made from modelling paste, once they have completely dried, I keep them in a non-airtight box (so something like a card cake box) with a sheet of kitchen roll over the top. This keeps them clean and allows air to get them, keeping them firm. If you make decorations and put them in an air tight tupperware box, the sugar can start to sweat and go soft. Not what you need for your delicate decorations! For more about sugar and how to use it best, check out my article here.

I’ll be posting more about my wedding cake, hen party cake and general wedding planning over the next few months on my journey to becoming Mrs Britt Box!

Britt xo



How To Make A Rainbow Cake


Rainbow cakes are one of my favourites! I love how they look when you cut into them. This week I was tasked to make an interesting rainbow cake for my friend’s husband. Interesting because it was colourful and rainbow on the inside, and black, dark purple and covered in skulls on the outside! You can check this cake out here.

When I was making it I popped a few ‘work in progress’ shots on social media and had a lot of questions about how to make a rainbow cake. There are lots of different videos and tutorials available online but this is a quick rundown of how I make one.

Firstly you’ll need a good cake recipe that’s easy to colour. I use a classic madeira recipe which you can find here. What I tend to do with rainbow cakes and other coloured layer cakes, is whatever tin size I’m using, in this case a 7″ round, I will double that recipe in total to make all six layers out of, as that makes for a nice height. You can of course use more mix for a deeper cake but this is what I have found works best for me.

First you want to line your tin(s). I do this with cake release and greaseproof paper, to save time, I use pre cut greaseproof paper circles and strips of greaseproof paper. You can find out more about how I line cake tins here.

I have four 7″ round tins as I bake a lot but this process can be done if you’ve got the one tin, you’ll just need to work on your timings a little. I will explain as we go. So, based on the assumption you have more than one tin of the size you like you firstly need to go ahead and make your cake mix. As I say, I double my recipe for this. Then you want to split the cake mix into 6 bowls (or however many colours you’re doing!) I use a deep ice cream scoop to help me do this to keep it even.

Then you want to colour them using good quality, concentrated food colouring. I don’t recommend supermarket colourings for this as they are mostly water and don’t give a strong colour. Instead I recommend Sugarflair. I’ve been using them since I started baking and I love them. You only need a little bit of colour as it’s very concentrated so it goes a long way and lasts ages! I’m using the following colours;

Sugarflair Red Extra, Sugarflair Egyptian Orange, Sugarflair Melon, Sugarflair Party Green, Sugarflair Ice Blue and Sugarflair Grape Violet.

Add the colour using a cocktail stick and mix well. Then pour into as many cake tins as you have and bake until they are done. If you’re using my madeira recipe I recommend to bake the layers at 140C for around 20 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean. Remember, each layer will be a lot smaller than normal so don’t worry about too much of a rise, although you should get a nice thickness.

If you’ve only got the one tin you will need to do things slightly differently. As soon as you’ve made your cake mix you have essentially started a timer. If you leave your cake mix out on the side for too long, it may not bake properly, may not rise and may taste tough and dense. However you do have a small amount of time so what I suggest is, instead of halving the recipe, make up the recipe as written and split it into three. Do the first three colours and then once they are baked do the same and make up the second three colours. This minimises the time the cake mix is left out. All the time you are waiting for your tin and for the previous sponge to bake, make sure to store the bowl of cake mix in the fridge covered with cling film. Once each sponge is baked, turn it out onto some greaseproof paper and leave it to cool. Then quickly re-line your tin and bake the next one.

I recommend wrapping each layer in cling film until you are ready to decorate. As they are small cakes they can dry out rather quickly. I tent to double wrap them well in cling film and leave them overnight to ‘firm up’ a little. Then I unwrap each layer as and when I need it.

For all cakes I decorate, I start by levelling my cake. As there may only be a small rise on these, I do so with a sharp serrated knife. If it was a deeper cake and I wanted to split it, I would use a cake leveller, but a knife is fine for this. I can then eat any cake trimmings with a cuppa!

To decorate, start with a thin cake card the same size as your cake (in this case 7″) and spread a little buttercream on top of it. Then place down the first later on top, for this cake it will be the purple layer and then you can start filling my cake.

Spread a little buttercream on top of the cake, and add your second layer (blue), repeat with the rest of the cakes. then pop this in the fridge for 10 minutes or so for the layers to firm up. For filling rainbow cakes, I like to use white buttercream as I find it’s a nice contrast to the colours. You can find my tutorial and recipe for white buttercream here.

Once this is done you can cover your cake however you like! I recommend doing two layers of buttercream on the outside. The first being a crumb coat to seal the cake and keep in the crumbs and then a second final layer. For this cake, I did one layer of white buttercream and then my second layer was black and purple buttercream as per the cake design. Or, if covering in sugarpaste do this after the first crumb coat layer.

Chill briefly between coats to make covering easier!

And there you have it! A rainbow cake! You can see what this particular cake ended up looking like here.

Here’s one I did a few years ago –

There we have it! A rainbow cake! I hope it’s brightened your day. If you’ve got any other questions leave a comment below.

Give it a try and let me know how you get on either on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

Happy Baking!

Britt xo

If you want to turn your baking hobby into a career, check out my book Cakes, Bakes & Business for everything you need to know about running a successful baking business, including pricing, marketing, insurance and much more!

How To Freeze Cakes


Wether you want to bake in advance, have a TON to get baked or you’ve inadvertently made a cake on the wrong date (guilty!), freezing cakes and cupcakes can be a handy tool to add to your skill set.

It requires a little patience and preparation but can save you a lot of time in the long run allowing you to bake ahead of schedule, perfect for a large orders, weddings and parties.

Also, flash freezing fruit cakes is a quick way of ‘maturing’ it! Well, the defrosting process is. If I bake a fruit cake and don’t have months to let it come to it’s best, a quick overnight trip to the freezer does the job!

You will be able to freeze most cakes. I find that madeira cakes (and their chocolate and lemon counterparts) freeze wonderfully without too much hassle, as do most cakes with a high fat content. It is very important that once your cakes are baked, you leave them to cool completely. If they are still warm this will create condensation which can cause cakes to get the dreaded ‘soggy bottom’.

Once they are cooled, it’s also important to wrap them well, otherwise they may get very dry when frozen (freezer burn isn’t tasty), which isn’t what we want. I find the best way to do this for sponge cakes is two layers of cling film and then a tight layer of foil. However for fruit cakes, I tend to use a layer of greaseproof paper and then a tight layer of foil.

It’s also ideal to freeze cakes that you plan to carve, mainly because the crumb structure is more solid so it will keep it’s shape better and there’s less chance of it crumbling when shaping and crumb coating.

If you are freezing cupcakes, firstly make sure to bake them in greaseproof or foil cases as this will prevent the dreaded peeling cases when you defrost them, (for more cupcake troubleshooting, check out my other blog post here) then pop them in a sandwich bag and make sure they have enough space on the freezer shelf and they aren’t squashed.

Here’s a few key hints and tips that will help you chill your bakes;

  • Freeze naked! I find to get best results, freeze cakes and cupcakes un-iced and before you split them to fill them. This will stop them going dry and also stop any frosting and icing ‘sweating’ over your cake when it’s defrosting.
  • Take your cake or cupcakes out of the freezer a few hours (preferably overnight) before you plan to decorate them. This will ensure they have fully defrosted.
  • To defrost, leave on the kitchen side and not in the fridge. Also, I take off the layer of tin foil but leave it wrapped in cling film.
  • Make sure they are fully defrosted before decorating as again, this can also cause condensation and promote mould growth.
  • Don’t freeze for longer than three months. Everything has a shelf life and I find if you leave it longer than this, the cake is simply past its peak. Anytime before this will taste fine, however.
  • Label and date your cakes. This is good practice for all food health and hygiene. Pop on a little sticker saying what it is and when you put it in.
  • Putting your cake back in the tin once wrapped then putting the whole thing in the freezer can help it keep its shape if you’ve got quite a ‘busy’ freezer.

Does a frozen cake taste different? I honestly would say no. I’ve tried all manner of cake over the years and I have never been able to taste a difference if a cake has been frozen or not, some argue that it actually makes it taste better! If you’re unsure, give it a practice run. Any excuse to enjoy a slice of cake!

Give it a go and let me know how you get on, either on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram.

If you want to turn your baking hobby into a career, check out my ebook How To Start A Cake Business From Home for everything you need to know about running a successful baking business, including pricing, marketing, insurance and much more!

Happy baking!

Britt xo

Sharp Edges and Pole Fitness


For several years I ran a cake business from home. I made cakes for all occasions; weddings, birthdays, Christening’s, you name it. I was making quite a few cakes a week and I was always battling with the much sought after sharp edge.

As a self taught baker, I relied on internet advice, tools and tricks I had picked up along the way to make my edges as sharp as I could, but they were always slightly rounded. I was happy with this and liked the way it looked but today my world has been turned upside down! (Stranger Things reference…)

I haven’t decorated a cake in a while and don’t make commission cakes to order anymore, with my blog going more the way of tasty bakes as opposed to centred around sugarcraft it’s not something I usually do unless there’s a specific need. This week there was just that need! For those who follow me in Instagram you will know one of my other passions is pole fitness. I’ve been doing it on and off for 10 years and went back properly last year. This week marks a year that the school I learn with, Polepatations, has been in it’s current studio in Chatham. We’re having a birthday party and I wanted to make a cake for the occasion! Because, that’s what I do!

Themed black and hot pink to match the studio with an acrylic topper and zebra design, I love it, but what I love more about it are the sharp edges!!

My good friend and fellow baking blogger Jemma from Iced Jems sent me some of her Super Sharp Edge Smoothers a few weeks ago and this was my first go with them and I am SO impressed. Up until now I have been using the plastic ones with the handles but not any more! A few goes around and on top with these bad boys and my cake was as sharp as my wit and sweet style. Below is the bottom tier. Left was before smoothing and the one on the right, after.

I mean just LOOK at it! I’m in love. This is the top tier.

I’m completely converted.

Jemma has also made a tutorial video on how to use them which I watched before decorating. It really helped as they are so different to the smoothers I’ve been used to, it was good to watch someone who knew what they were doing first!

You can grab a pair for yourself for only £3.99 from Jemma’s website here.

I should point out, this isn’t an advertisement, nor has Jemma paid me to mention this, but I loved them so much I wanted to tell you all as I struggled for so long to get lovely sharp edges and I was so happy with the result of my cake I did a little dance around the kitchen! Everyone should feel as happy with their cakes as I felt about mine this afternoon.

I’m completely converted. So, enough of the smoothers! Back to the cake.

I made a two tier cake comprising of a 6″ round vanilla madeira and an 8″ round chocolate madeira, both made using my recipe here where you can find a link to a cake calculator to work out the mix for different size tins.

They were both split with a cake leveller, filled and crumb coated with bright pink (obviously) vanilla buttercream coloured with Wilton Rose concentrated colour, which is almost the same shade as the sugarpaste, which is Renshaw Fuchsia Pink. Stacked using cake cards and dowels and decorated in a zebra style bottom tier with edible stars and Polepatations name (made using Windsor Groovy Clikstix), both made from flower paste and acrylic topper (from eBay). Finished off with black 25mm and pink 15mm ribbon.

My buttercream recipe can also be found on my madeira cake recipe page here.

To learn more about how to stack and decorate a tiered cake, check out my wedding cake course here – currently 50% off!!

I loved making this one!

What have you been baking lately? Come let me know on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

Happy Baking!

Britt xo

If you want to turn your baking hobby into a career, check out my book Cakes, Bakes & Business for everything you need to know about running a successful baking business, including pricing, marketing, insurance and much more!

Feedspot Top 50 UK Baking Blogs


What fabulous news! In a new list by Feedspot of the Top 50 UK Baking Blogs, She Who Bakes has been listed number two!!

I am so thrilled to be ranked so highly among some very fabulous bloggers!!

Thank you very much to Feedspot and most importantly to every single one of you reading this. When I started writing my blog back in 2013 I had no idea where it would take me, or how it would save me. Thank you for being on this journey with me.

Lots of love and happy baking!

Britt xo

Love Hearts Cake


This sweet Love Hearts cake is perfect for Valentine’s Day or as a simple but stylish wedding cake.

Here’s a little bit about how it was made;

The cakes themselves are a 7″ round and 5″ round vanilla madeira (you can find the recipe I use here as well as a link to a converter if you wanted to bake it in other sizes). They are split twice and filled with vanilla buttercream, the recipe I use can also be found here. I baked them and then left them to cool upside down on greaseproof paper as I always do with celebration cakes. I then wrapped them well in cling film and left them overnight to firm up, ready to split, fill and ice the following day.

I crumb coated them with more vanilla buttercream. I do two layers of buttercream, using a scraper and my palette knife to smooth it down to the cake which creates a lovely base to decorate. The following pictures are taking from my Instagram stories which I highly recommend to watch as I often post how to videos and step by step tutorials whenever I’m in the kitchen.

After crumb coating it, it was time to cover in a layer of sugarpaste. If you follow my social media you may have seen I was asking for opinions on a new type of Renshaw sugarpaste called ‘Extra’. I normally use Renshaw as my preferred brand of sugarpaste when decorating my cakes. I always find I get a good finish with it and it doesn’t tend to crease or tear. When I recently did my book signing and Q&A at Iced Jems, I picked up a pack of it with this very cake in mind. I was excited to try it as on the box it said it was ‘extra firm and extra elastic’.

I must say I was very impressed with the product. It kneaded well, rolled well and most importantly, covered my cakes well. It felt strong and secure and it didn’t feel like it was creasing in any way. Sometimes when icing a cake, it’s the top edge that can tear under the weight of the sugarpaste but there were no marks and it was really easy to smooth too. It’s definitely one I’ll be using again especially as I’ve got a lot of cakes to make this year; my 30th birthday party, my hen party, our wedding cake and my annual Halloween cake!

Next step was to smooth the cake. Last year I completely converted from my usual plastic smoothers to the Super Sharp Edge Smoothers from Iced Jems. I have a full article and review on them here. They REALLY make a difference to your finished cake and I’m still amazes at what two little bits of acetate can do! Below is a picture of the sugarpaste rolled out, then placed onto the cake before smoothing and then after smoothing. I mean LOOK at the difference!!

I then left my cake to set and the icing to firm up. Ideally I would do this overnight but I as on a time limit with this cake and so I left it as long as I could (a few hours) and then started to stack it. Normally however, I would always leave an iced cake overnight before decorating, moving or stacking it. I like to allow the icing to firm up completely so I can move the cake around without any accidental damage to the icing. To stack the cake safely I firstly stuck down the bottom tier onto an already iced 10″ cake drum (always cover your cake boards!!). Then I placed five wooden dowels cut to size in a pattern into the middle of the bottom tier then I carefully stuck the top tier on with a little buttercream.

Once my cakes were stacked, I stuck a 25mm baby pink ribbon around each of the tiers with a little double sided sticky tape on the back of one end of the ribbon. I also stuck 15mm baby pink ribbon around the iced cake board too. I then added bows to the middle. I’ve got a little photo tutorial on how to make fabric bows for cakes here.

Finally to decorate I stuck on Love Hearts sweets around the cake just above the bow. I did two layers and for a 7″ round and 5″ round cake I used 5 full sized packs of Love Hearts with a few leftover for me to enjoy. I stuck them on using a little melted white chocolate in a piping bag. You can also use Royal Icing but I didn’t have any in or edible glue.

Lastly, to top the cake I’ve used a silver glittery ‘Love’ cake topper from Iced Jems. I felt it was a really nice finishing touch!

And there you have it! I loved making this one! If you’ve got any other questions on this cake, pop them below and I’ll do my best to answer them.

What have you been baking lately? Come let me know on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

Have a sweet Valentines Day and happy baking!

Britt xo

If you want to turn your baking hobby into a career, check out my book Cakes, Bakes & Business for everything you need to know about running a successful baking business, including pricing, marketing, insurance and much more!


Nutella Filled Pancakes


Nutella Filled Pancakes! Quick and easy and perfect for Pancake Day!


  • 250g Plain Flour
  • 2 tablespoons Baking Powder
  • 150g Unsalted Butter
  • 2 Eggs
  • 400ml Warm Milk
  • Nutella


  1. Mix the flour and baking powder with the milk and mix well until it is smooth and lump-free.
  2. Add the eggs.
  3. Add the butter.
  4. Mix well.
  5. Pour into a jug.
  6. Melt Nutella in the microwave for 1 minute or until a pourable consistency. (IMPORTANT – Remove any and all foil from the jar before putting in the microwave!)
  7. Melt butter in a pan.
  8. Pour in a little batter.
  9. Top with melted Nutella.
  10. Cover the Nutella with a little more batter.
  11. Cook for 1 minute.
  12. Flip!
  13. Cook for a further 2 minutes.

These are best straight from the pan. If they have cooled, zap in the microwave for gooey Nutella-ness.

Give it a try and let me know how you get on either on Facebook or Twitter and Instagram.

If you want to turn your baking hobby into a career, check out my book Cakes, Bakes & Business for everything you need to know about running a successful baking business, including pricing, marketing, insurance and much more!

Happy baking!

Britt xo

Time To Talk Day 2018


Time to Talk Day, run by Time to Change, will take place on Thursday 1st February 2018.

The aim is to get as many people as possible across England talking about mental health. By joining together on one day, we can break the silence that often surrounds mental health, and show that talking about this once-taboo issue doesn’t need to be difficult.

The aim of Time to Talk Day is to get as many people as possible across England talking about mental health. By joining together on one day, we can break the silence that often surrounds mental health, and show that talking about this once-taboo issue doesn’t need to be difficult. With tens of thousands of individuals and hundreds of organisations speaking out together at the same time, we can make a huge impact and show that it really is time to talk.

Those of you who know my story will know how important raising awareness for mental health issues is to me. (Make sure to check out my article Baking My Way Out Of Depression.)

When I first started baking and long before I started blogging, I was suffering very badly with depression and anxiety. I was on strong medication and I really couldn’t see a way out. I didn’t talk to anyone about my mental health. I didn’t want sympathy, I just wanted to ‘get on with it.’

But I was wrong.

Talking to someone is the most important thing. If it’s a friend, a loved one, a colleague, it doesn’t matter. You can’t keep things bottled up and expect them to go away. I wish I had known that sooner, then maybe I wouldn’t have gone through years of medicated heartbreak.

1 in 4 of us will have a mental health problem. That’s an awful lot. It isn’t something to shy away from. The more we talk about what’s going on in our heads the better. It’s time to break down any barrier, get rid of any stigma and just have a chat.

When I had depression, I can remember being in college and a friend of a friend telling people she had been diagnosed with bi-polar. This was over 10 years ago and it wasn’t spoken about very much at all then. No one knew what to do, what to say. But that’s the thing, you don’t have to say anything specific. I’ve had a few people approach me over the years who knew me when I was at my lowest and openly admit ‘we didn’t know what to say.’ Little did they know a simple ‘are you ok?’ and a good cup of tea would have been a great start.

Now, years later, I want to help change the way mental health is spoken about and break down any stigma attached to it. I’ve worked with Time to Change in a few campaigns now, such as their Small Things campaign last year and now Time To Talk Day 2016 with Good Morning Britain. I’m very proud to be doing stuff with this fantastic charity.

As it’s #TimeToTalk day, I wanted to share this video my fiancé Tim and I took part in with the mental health organisation Time to Change back in 2015.
My mental health has suffered somewhat over the years since I was 16 and whilst I am pleased to say I am in a much better place than I have ever been, the darkness that nearly consumed me and so many other people face every day is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed of.
The more we talk about our mental health, the more we can de-stigmatise it.
I can remember not wanting to tell my manager at the time that I was in such a bad place. I was scared I would lose my job for fear of looking ‘unreliable’. It was only after I had that initial conversation with him though I discovered how supportive he and the company I used to work for were.
If you’re struggling, please talk to someone.

My partner, Tim, is the person I can talk to about anything. It doesn’t matter if it’s big and emotional or small and trivial, he listens. Sometimes, he knows there’s nothing he can say to help and that’s great too, just getting it out in the open is usually enough. But, we look at what’s going on and try to do something about it.

So, take the opportunity today to start a conversation. Sit down with a friend, send them a text, show up at their door with a pack of custard creams, it’s up to you. It all starts with those three little words:

“How are you?”

You’re not a burden, you’re not being awkward, you’re not alone. You are you and you are amazing.

Britt xo


Happy 5th Birthday to She Who Bakes!

Today is a very special day for me! My little blog has tuned five years old! On this day back in 2013, I published my first ever baking blog post. I had no idea back then what it would become or where it would take me. I didn’t start it for a purpose or a reason, I started it to make myself smile in a time when there were more dark days than light.
Those who have followed me for a while may know my story. You will often hear me say that I ‘baked my way out of depression’ and it’s true. Teaching myself how to bake, creating cakes and writing about them got me out of such a bad time in my life and I’m so grateful for it.
Before I found a passion and creative spark, I was two suicide attempts down and on a whole host of medication just to keep me going. All that is different now.
I may not get time to bake as much as I used to but each and every time turn the oven on and start to weigh out ingredients, I absolutely love it.
Now I can also say I am a published author, with my first book ‘Cakes, Bakes & Business’ getting to number one in two Amazon charts. My mum would be so very proud of me.
I just wanted to personally say a massive thank you to everyone reading this. Thank you to every one of you who reads my blogs, has read my book, uses my recipes, tips or tutorials, watches my videos and likes what I do. Whether you have been following me for all five years, five months or even five days, I am so grateful to you all.
I look forward to many more wonderful years of She Who Bakes.
Happy baking,
Britt xo

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