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If you run a business, you’ll be aware of the importance of running a regular blog. But sometimes it’s really hard to get it started. What should you write about? How should you write it? What and who are you writing it for?

I offer a service for blogging consultancy and content creation. I work closely with individuals and companies teaching how to create engaging online content to enhance their digital marketing.

I specialise in mentoring for blogs relating to your business. I teach people how to draw readers to their blog using a simple formula which has resulted in my own blog attracting hundreds of thousands of followers over the last five years.

I also give talks on this subject, as well as teaching workshops and seeing clients 1-1.

For more information on how I can help you start and sustain a blog for your business and to enquire about working with me, you can contact me here.

“There are 1000’s of blogs uploaded to the web every hour and, as a business owner, you know how important they are to boosting the reach of your business online. The thing is, we never have time to write them even though they are critical to our businesses success. It’s not good enough to outsource this task to someone else if your goal is to be authentic in your message. So what do you do? We had this issue when creating blogs to go with our healthy recipe videos. We were making awesome video content but completing missing out on a huge amount of reach by not supporting with good quality text. We spent three one hour sessions over three months with Britt on her 1-1 Blogging Consultancy Programme and she provided us with a super simple and effective structure so that are blogs were kicking arse! They ended up being more successful than the videos. There are lots of places online where you can find blog writing structures but Britt is head and shoulders above because she has the knowledge, strategy and structures that allow you to stand out from the crowd. The woman is award winning for a reason and if you’re serious about your business, you have to check her out.” Ross & Em – Body Transformation Academy


Next Workshop


Check back soon for the next date of my Blogging For Business Workshop.

During the course of the afternoon we will cover all aspects to your blog. From how to come up with eye catching titles, what style and type of blog is best for your business, how to structure and schedule your blogs and how to share them on social media.

I will also share with you the formula I use when I’m planning my blogs as well as my advice on how to write them the best way to suit your business and needs.

By the end of the workshop you will leave with all the tools and knowledge you need to start your business blogging journey!

My workshops are limited to 6 people at a time and are priced at £49pp. To book your place contact me here.

Workshop Testimonials

“It was fantastic. I would recommend Britt ‘s services to any business start up or long time running. She is so knowledgeable with blogging and social media, which is so tricky for me. She’s cleared it up for me and I can see how I can improve both my businesses with this info.” – Lizi Gambell

Fantastic gave me a real boost past my blocks on titles and subjects and structure. Thanks Britt!! It was so good!” – Debs Mulvaney

“Amazing how much you packed into 4 hours. Thank you so much Britt. Awesome stuff” – Paul Wren


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