Chick in Egg Tutorial



  • White, orange, yellow & black icing (I recommend modelling paste)
  • Scalpel or sharp knife
  • Paint palette or something of a similar shape
  • Edible glue and paintbrush

1. You need a smooth round ball of white modelling paste, this is for the shell.

2. Squish this down into a circle. It doesn’t have to be neat.

3. Using a scalpel, cut triangles out around the edge to make the cracking shell.

4. Push this into a paint palette using a ball tool and leave to dry slightly.

5. Roll a ball of yellow modelling paste and shape into an elongated ball. (Egg)

6. Shape two teardrop shapes out of the yellow modelling paste and mark some lines into them. These will be the wings.

7. Using a little edible glue, stick then wings on.

8. With a little big of orange paste, create a beak and attach. Do the same with two small balls for the eyes and two small yellow strands for the hair!

Give it a try and let me know how you get on either on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

Happy Easter and happy baking!

Britt xo

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