I proved them all wrong…


This is just a short, heartfelt blog post on a rather important milestone in my life, and one that a few years ago, I thought I would never see.

After being medicated for most of my adult life I’m thrilled to say that today marks two years being off any and all anti-depressants.

After mum died, I was told I would be on strong medication for the rest of my life, just to be stable and to be able to carry on.

I proved them all wrong.

Through my baking, my blogging and the love and support from my friends, loved ones and my darling Tim, I have never been happier. The last eleven years have been hard and I’ll be honest, I didn’t think I would make it out alive.

But here I am. Stronger than ever. I know my mum would be smiling today.

Thank you to everyone reading this for your constant belief and support in me.

Love, Britt xoxo

You can read my full story here – Baking My Way Out Of Depression.

  • Olivia Ramage

    I have tried three times to get off Prozac and have decided to wait until I’m ready. I may never be ready but I am now OK with that. Two tablets a day is a small price for me to pay to stay alive and present for my husband and two boys. I am so pleased you have managed to make the transition to no medication. Great job Britt and keep blogging as I love to see your recipes and your honesty. #MentalHealthMatters

  • Samantha Russell Evans

    congratulations .i keep getting offered medication for my anxiety and depression and ive refused all the way..youve helped me so thanks

  • It’s so lovely to hear you are doing so well and are feeling so happy. Congratulations on two years medication free! Grief is a hard journey. I’m not sure medication is always the answer (although I know sometimes it is) and I’m so pleased you have been able to do this. Well done. And yes, your mum would definitely be smiling today! And look at all the joy you give all of us with your wonderful baking creations – thank you!

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