Owl Tutorial


1. You will need;

Your desired colour of modelling paste and yellow flower paste.

A selection of small circle cutters.

A heart, leaf and small blossom cutter.

A smile tool.

Edible glue and a paintbrush.

2. Roll a small ball of modelling paste and pinch the top to make the ears.

3. Shape the bottom to sit flat.

4. Cut out three leaves and glue them on top of one another, like so. These will be the wings.

5. Fix the wings onto the side of the owl’s body with a little edible glue.

6. Cut out a small heart shape for the owl’s tummy.

7. Using a smile tool, indent ‘feathers’ onto the heart.

8. Cut out two white circles for the outside of the eye.

9. Cut out a smaller circle in a desired colour for the inside of the eye. Also cut out a small diamond in yellow for the beak.

10. Cut out two yellow blossoms for the feet. Glue these to the bottom of your owl.

11. Roll two small balls of black and even smaller balls of white to finish the eyes and give your own character!

Hope it helps and make sure to let me know on Facebook or Twitter how you get on!

Happy baking,

Britt xo

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