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Hello Muffins.

So, when the fabulous ones over at Cake Craft World told me about Sweet Lace Express, I was intrigued! We’ve all seen sugar lace now, it is well and truly a trend. And as it’s gained popularity, companies are trying to make it easier to use so you can have gorgeous effects. 

The way it’s described on their website is that ‘Sweet Lace Express is a brand new icing that allows you to make lace easily and quickly. It revolutionises the technique for making lace as the icing is a paste not a liquid that can be spread into the mould, released after 4 minutes and attached straight onto the cake. It also goes a very long way so the average cost of a piece of lace is under 15p.’

Of course, I HAD to try it!

Here I’ve got the Sweet Lace Express ‘Starter Kit’ and a pot of the Sweet Lace Express paste.

Inside the ‘Starter Kit’ you get;

Spatula – approx.25mm x 20mm
Lace mould pattern – approx.150mm x 36mm
Paste – 100g

According to the instructions, you have to knead the paste slightly before pressing it into the mould.

I did it on top of my non slip mat which really helped. The instructions said; ‘Using the spatula, spread the icing across the mould pressing the paste down firmly to fill every crevice. If all the crevices of the mould are not perfectly filled you can press the spatula over once again or carefully over one area of the mould. This technique takes a little practice and if you are not happy straight away with the result, simply take the icing out, re-kneed and try again.’

You need to leave the paste in the mould for about 4 minutes, after which time, you can bend it and use the spatula to release the paste from the mould. The paste will stay flexible and workable for about 10 minutes afterwards.

I must admit, I’m very impressed. Whenever I’ve seen sugar lace on cakes I’ve been in awe. What we have here is a cost effective, simple way to make impressive lace decorations. 

I cut the lace in half and used it to border the top and bottom of this sweet pink cake.

But borders like that are just the START of what you can do with this stuff! It’s fab. I highly recommend it. 

You can buy the starter kit, paste and other mould designs here.

Give it a go, and let me know how you get on either on Facebook or Twitter.

Happy decorating!

Britt xo

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