Lindt Lindor Truffle Shortbread Bars

Shopping List

  • 80g golden caster sugar
  • 160g cold unsalted butter
  • 240g plain flour
  • Lindt Lindor Truffles
Preparation Time:- 20 mins Cooking Time:- 15-18 mins

Every Christmas, without fail, a box of Lindt Lindor Truffles end up under my tree. They are one of my favourite indulgences and I’ve been waiting for a chance to bake with them. So I decided to combine them with another Christmas favourite, (and to be fair, a year long favourite!) shortbread!

These Lindt Lindor Truffle Shortbread Bars are everything you need this festive season. With only four ingredients, 15 minutes baking time and an easy to follow recipe, this is a winner. The only tricky part will be not eating them all in one go!


Unwrap Lindt Lindor Truffles and pop in the fridge for now. Try one, obviously, just to make sure they are ok.


Cream together the butter and sugar.


Then add in the plain flour.


Next, mix on a slow speed until a dough forms. You need to be patient, after a few minutes it will look like this. Keep going!


A few minutes later and we have our dough! Squish into a ball, wrap in clingfilm and pop in the fridge to chill for 10 mins.


Line a baking tin with greaseproof paper. I’ve used a 10 x 8.


Next, roll out your dough between spacers on a flour dusted surface, just as big as your tray is.


Like so! Then carefully place your shortbread slab into the tin.


Push the sides in gently and squish into place. Bake at 180C for 15-18 minutes or until golden brown.


Once baked and as soon as you take your tray out of the oven, push in your truffles, they will start to melt as soon as you do this.


Once the shortbread has cooled, your truffle will melt into a tasty puddle! Cut into squares.


Optional, a dusting of icing sugar never hurt anyone. It’s four days until Christmas and I wanted a snowy feel!

These treats are best kept in an airtight tin and will last about 2 weeks. (Although not five minutes in my house!)

Give it a try and let me know how you get on either on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram.

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Happy baking!

Britt xo

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