Tim’s Birthday Cake 2017


This week was my darling fiancé Tim’s birthday!
I couldn’t let it go by without baking him something tasty! I’ve incorporated all of his favourite flavours in this 6″ almond cake with almond buttercream and black cherry jam. Topped with dark chocolate ganache swirls, pieces of marzipan dark chocolate bar and glacé cherries.

A little bit of information about the cake!

I used the Classic Madeira Birthday Cake recipe I like to use but instead of all the plain flour I used half so 25g and added 25g ground almonds. I also used almond extract instead of vanilla. I also didn’t convert the recipe size even though I was using a smaller tin, this is because I wanted a tall cake. I will often bake a size bigger recipe in the tin if I want a deep cake.

For the almond buttercream, I used 250g unsalted butter, 500g icing sugar and 2 teaspoons of almond extract. No water or milk, just nice soft butter to make a creamy buttercream.

I used the dark chocolate ganache recipe I have here for the chocolate swirls on top.

I used marzipan chocolate and glacé cherries from the supermarket.

Here’s a lovely shot of the inside!

Cut with a cake leveller and filled with chunky cherry jam and almond buttercream! Delicious!

Happy birthday handsome. I hope you had an amazing day!! I love you so very much.

Britt xo


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