Mini Colouring & Mould Tutorial


A mini photo tutorial on how to colour paste and use moulds!

1. Knead your modelling paste until it is soft and pliable.

2. Using a cocktail stick, dab a little of your chosen colour onto the paste.

3. Knead the colour in.

4. Keep kneading until the colour is nice and even.

5. Take a small piece of the coloured modelling paste and roll into a smooth round ball. Dust the ball (not the mould) with a little cornflour.

6. Push the paste into your mould. If there is too much paste and it is spilling over the sides of your mould DO NOT cut it. You risk damaging the mould. Instead, take it out, break some off and try again.

7. After pressing it in firmly, bend the mould with your fingers on the back and your paste should just pop out. (If it is stuck in there, pull it out, re-roll it and dust again with cornflour.)

8. Leave to dry on foam. Once set, decorate with!

Button mould is from FPC Sugarcraft Ltd. They can be found here.

Happy baking!

Britt xo

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