How To Bring Butter To Room Temperature – FAST


We’ve all been there.

I go to start baking and realise, oh… I’ve left the butter in the fridge. So you take it out and obviously, it’s rock hard!

Now, you can microwave it of course, however there is a fine line between nicely softened buttercream and a pool of hot buttery liquid (not the best for creaming with sugar). You can leave it on a sunny windowsill, but I live in England so not much chance of that.

You can wrap it in a towel and leave it on the radiator for a little bit, but be careful not to forget about it!

OR! You can use this trick my nan once told me.

Grab the block of butter like a block of cheese and grate it!

Where the butter is solid, you can hold it easily. Use a cheese grater to slice it up and then weigh it out after grating. As the pieces are smaller, they will combine with your other ingredients easily and efficiently!

Perfect butter every time.

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Happy Baking!

Britt xo

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How To Bring Butter To Room Temperature - FAST

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