How To Make A Starburst Decoration For A Cake


A starburst is a simple way of making an effective decoration for your cakes. It really adds a ‘wow’ factor! Follow my tutorial below to make yours!

  1. You will need thin (24/26 gauge) sugarcraft floristry wires, flower paste, a flower (posy) pick, florist tape and cutters.
  2. Roll out flower paste on a surface dusted with cornflour to the thickness of a 20p.
  3. Cut out your desired shape by pressing down hard into the paste to make sure it’s a clean cut with no frayed edges.
  4. Holding your cut out shape gently between your fingers, twist in the wire until it is just over halfway into your shape. You will be able to feel this.
  5. Leave your wired shapes to dry on foam.
  6. When your shapes are dry, paint them if desired and arrange them all in different heights and sizes.
  7. Holding the ends of the wires between your fingers, cut them to a desired length.
  8. Once cut, use some floristry tape to stick the bottom of them all together.
  9. They should be bandaged up tightly.
  10. Get your flower pick and fill it with a small sausage of flower paste.
  11. Push the taped wires into the flower paste filled flower pick. Leave this on it’s side to dry.
  12. Once dried, push the starburst into your cake, leaving a little bit of the pick on show to take it out easily when cutting the cake.
  13. Spread the wires out so your shapes are evenly spaced.

Please note. Never put wires directly into the cake! As well as being able to drop deeper into your cake, affecting your design, this is also a major health and safety issue. These wires are not ‘food safe’ and can break inside your cake. Make sure you always use a flower pick. These can be bought easily in cake decorating stores, usually right by the wires. I would also strongly advise against you or your customers attempting to eat the wired decorations. As well as them not being ‘food safe’, you may hurt your teeth and even choke on broken wire. Stay safe cake people!

How To Make A Starburst For A Cake

The perfect finish to your cake!

Give it a go and let me know how you get on either on FacebookTwitter or Instagram!

Britt xo

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