How To Use Tappit Letter Cutters On Cakes


Lately, I have received a lot of messages asking what cutter I use for my favourite font I like to use on cakes. And also, how to use it. So I thought I would make a quick tappit tutorial!

Here are some of the cakes I have used the tappit set on.


The cutter is an FMM Block Upper Case & Lower Case. You can get these cutters here at Party Animal Online.


  1. Roll out your flower or Mexican paste on a cornflour dusted surface very thinly and cut into strips. Then leave it to dry a little, go make a cup of tea or something.
  2. Press down your chosen letter firmly and putting pressure on the back, wiggle it from side to side for a clean cut.
  3. Pull the cutter away to make sure it has come out cleanly.
  4. Gently tap your cutter onto your counter.
  5. The cut out letter should just pop out! If it doesn’t, use a scribe to gently ease it out. If it’s really not budging, let the paste dry out a little more and try again. If this doesn’t work, then you may not have rolled your paste thin enough. Continue with the rest of your message and leave to dry on some foam

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Happy baking!

Britt xo

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